Note From Our Pastor (Parish Bulletin for December 14, 2014)


“Life of Christ” – Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
“…Grace acts as soon as the soul cooperates.”

Does it often seem that work, family demands, school, life in general becomes extremely hectic and more challenging during Advent?

Advent is the time when we are being called to prepare for Christ, to seek Him in all things, to take time to inwardly examine the reasons for our spiritual shortcomings. The things we know in our hearts we are being called to do become thoroughly disrupted and our prayer life is often thrown off course during these weeks when we should be most focused on the Word made flesh in His First Advent and on the coming of Jesus as Judge of all in His Second Advent.

If you are looking for something right now, this week, to help you refocus, reprioritize, relearn, and prepare your hearts for the light that is the true light of the celebration of Christmas, you might want to see what Bishop Fulton Sheen has to share about the Annunciation, the Visitation, the pre-history of Jesus Christ, and the Incarnation.

This is not a history book, it is a love story.
Your faith formation will be strengthened, your love for Our Savior will be lifted to an even higher level, you will see things you’ve read a dozen times with new illumination, assisted by Sheen’s insight.

So cooperate and start reading the Life of Christ, bible and
pen by your side, and the Lord’s grace will surely act on your

Blessings in Christ,
Fr. Rob