There is NO Adoration on Friday, Nov. 28th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday

There will be a children's choir for the 6:00pm Mass on Christmas Eve. If you child is a proficient reader and loves to sing go to the Music & Liturgy page for information.

Note From Our Pastor (Parish Bulletin for November 23, 2014)


When things go how I want them to go, I am thankful. Maybe you are that way, too. I was recently writing to our college students about
this. You were able to get into the class you wanted to take, so you are thankful. The professor says,"I have decided to grade on a curve, so that grade of B that I gave you is now an A," so you are thankful.

We all are that way. If the weather is great, you are thankful. If what you needed to buy goes on sale, you are thankful. If you are sick and a doctor gives you medicine that makes you feel better, you are thankful. It is good to be thankful for all these things.

This Thanksgiving, though, we might reflect that there is more to giving thanks than just be thankful when things go our way. There is a deeper thanksgiving that recognizes God knows what we need more than we do ourselves. This is where trust comes in. Can we trust that God has a plan for us? Even when things do not go as we hoped, we can believe it is all part of God's loving plan for our lives. This is a challenge for college students, and it is also a challenge for all of us.

To live a life of thanksgiving is to praise God with thanksgiving both when things go our way and when things do not. All lives have plenty of both of these situations.

Faith is trusting that God's plan is better than our plan, and
being thankful for everything except sin. And a life of faith
and thanksgiving is seeking not our will to be done but
God's will to be done.

For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be
rejected when received with thanksgiving - 1 Timothy 4:4

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

Blessings in Christ,
Fr. Rob