Safe Environment Training has been rescheduled to Saturday, August 30

Weekly Note From Our Pastor (Parish Bulletin for August 24, 2014)

Summer Greetings!

A prayer group in our parish recently gave me a book, "In Him Alone Is Our
Hope", by Pope Francis. I would like to share a passage with you today:

In the " Spiritual Exercises", after having us meditate on sin in general and our own sins in particular, Saint Ignatius invites us to make three spiritual conversations or colloquies (this word simply means a “heart to heart” prayer, the prayer “of a friend to a friend.”):
The first colloquy will be with our Blessed Lady, that she may obtain grace for me from her Son and Lord for three favors:
1. A deep knowledge of my sins and a feeling of abhorrence for them;
2. An understanding of the disorder of my actions, that filled with horror of them, I may amend my life and put it in order;
3. A knowledge of the world, that filled with horror, I may put away from me all that is worldly and vain

Then I will say a Hail Mary. (Sp. Ex., 63)
Then he has us make the same three petitions to the Son and to the Father.

May these “heart to heart” prayers help us to grow in holiness through the grace of our loving God.

Blessings in Christ,
Fr. Rob